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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says his top priority is creating jobs, but he's actually pushing to wipe out thousands of good jobs in communities across the state. Gov. Quinn wants to eliminate nearly 4,000 middle class jobs by closing prisons that are already dangerously overcrowded, eliminating a child protection program that prevents abuse and preserves families, and reducing mental health and developmental disability services for the most vulnerable among us.

Listen to our statewide radio message, "Wrong Direction":

Pat Quinn's cuts threaten public safety, health care and jobs in every part of Illinois. He already closed a mental hospital in Tinley Park and is pushing to do the same in Rockford. He wants to shutter developmental centers in Jacksonville and Centralia, youth centers in Joliet and Murphysboro, and prisons in Tamms and Dwight, along with secure halfway houses in Chicago, Decatur and Carbondale. And Quinn is closing human services offices throughout the state, reducing access to help for those in need.

Governor Quinn claims he's cutting public services and thousands of jobs because he can't afford to pay for them. But less than a year ago he signed a bill giving hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax breaks to big corporations like Sears -- which turned around and laid off hundreds of Illinois workers themselves.

Sign the petition to tell Pat Quinn: Don't cut health care, public safety and good jobs to pay for your corporate tax breaks.

We the undersigned oppose Governor Pat Quinn's budget plan that would undermine public safety, mental health care, disability services and more while slashing thousands of jobs -- all to pay for the huge new tax breaks he gave to big corporations.
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Number Date Name Location Why do you oppose Pat Quinn ...
3453 Mon Apr 07 19:17:46 EDT 2014 Hannah Miller Decatur, IL
3452 Thu Sep 26 15:47:15 EDT 2013 Keith Stengler Homewood, IL This would adversely affect my brother and other residents of the Murray Center in Centralia Illinois!
3451 Sat Mar 30 02:06:33 EDT 2013 Kevin Kizer IL
3450 Tue Mar 19 09:42:48 EDT 2013 Yolander Rivers IL
3449 Tue Dec 04 22:43:02 EST 2012 Niki Ruscitto Decatur, IL Because I am one of the workers he is cutting and I can barely scrape by
3448 Fri Nov 30 16:27:31 EST 2012 Shauna Marino Berkeley, IL I work for dhs
3447 Thu Nov 29 15:05:11 EST 2012 Michael Simmons Poplar grove, IL
3446 Thu Nov 29 15:03:16 EST 2012 Michael Simmons Poplar grove, IL
3445 Thu Nov 29 15:00:05 EST 2012 Michael Simmons Poplar grove, IL I believe this is unfair to my family as well as others how can we serve if we are not protected!,
3444 Wed Nov 28 17:48:22 EST 2012 Janis Ahlgrim Elgin, IL jobs!!!!!!!!!!
3443 Mon Nov 26 06:10:20 EST 2012 Gary Friedlund IL
3442 Tue Sep 11 21:54:55 EDT 2012 Eanista Bailey Granite City, IL I work for Headstart, we are supposed to prevent situations of child abuse and neglect. Our children are our future, what future will we have if they are all deranged rom the mental and emotional anguish More....
3441 Mon Sep 10 19:39:21 EDT 2012 Deborah Nichols Centralia, IL I want to support the protection of children and the prevention of child abuse. While budget cuts are inevitable, they should not be taken out on the weakest and most vulnerable in our population.
3440 Wed Aug 29 05:10:16 EDT 2012 Al Dent CAROL STREAM, IL
3439 Sun Aug 26 14:51:21 EDT 2012 JAMES MAYES SPRINGFIELD, IL There are many different ways to save money, in IL, like why does the Govenor need to Offices and staff to fill both. Springfield is the Capitol, downstate Reps use tax payer money to go all the way to More....
3438 Sun Aug 19 16:27:55 EDT 2012 Tonia Etter Illiopolis, IL Because he is causing my husband to lose his job!
3437 Sun Aug 19 16:26:13 EDT 2012 Joseph Etter Illiopolis, IL It puts people at even more risk than they already are at the state facilities and puts THOUSANDS of people out of work!
3435 Sun Aug 19 00:04:46 EDT 2012 missy barnes springfield , IL dont cut the jobs of people who are trying to keep us safe. who put there life on the line every day. some of which are vets. And stop giving to the big corporations the citizens of illinois first.
3434 Thu Aug 16 14:23:44 EDT 2012 sandra schlattman normal, IL
3433 Sun Aug 12 13:02:22 EDT 2012 Eric Jackson IL
3432 Wed Jul 11 10:26:07 EDT 2012 Elizabeth Cather GREENUP, IL
3431 Thu Jul 05 19:01:46 EDT 2012 Karen Waggoner IL Before even contemplating the cuts, Mr. Quinn needs to go to some of the facilities to better understand what his proposals will do. What does he expect the people, yes they are human beings, at the Murray More....
3430 Thu Jun 28 15:37:27 EDT 2012 Darlene Blevins Chicago, IL All i can say is what else do you want to take from the people. The city is all about making the rich richer. There use to be upper class middle class and lower class. The middle class has already been More....
3429 Thu Jun 21 17:02:20 EDT 2012 Kati Tatum thebes, IL My father works for the Tamms supermax prison. My best friend's husband does as well. Shutting down these facilities will devastate communities across the state.
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