They keep us safe. Stand with them.

An inmate attacked Tim at the maximum-security Pontiac Correctional Center where he works. Tim suffered multiple facial fractures requiring reconstructive surgery.

The attack on Tim happened in January, less than a month after Gov. Pat Quinn closed four state prisons despite warnings from employees and their union that the closures would make Pontiac and the rest of the correctional system more crowded, volatile and dangerous. Soon after, violence against prison workers spiked.

Worse, in November, Gov. Quinn terminated the union contract that allows Tim and every other prison employee to bargain for safe working conditions and appropriate staffing levels. In the 40 years that Illinois state employees like prison workers have had the right to bargain collectively, no previous governor had ever terminated a union contract.

Now Gov. Quinn is pushing to cut the modest take-home earned by public servants like Tim. The governor is trying to make Tim and every state employee pay much more for health insurance, while freezing their wages.

Sign the petition to stand with Tim and every state employee. Let them know you honor their service. Join them to stand against Gov. Quinn's anti-worker agenda that's making prison workers like Tim less safe.

Correctional officers and other prison employees put their lives on the line to protect us all. Governor Quinn was wrong to terminate the union contract that lets them bargain for safe working conditions, and he's wrong to push to cut their take-home pay. I'm standing with state employees for a fair contract with decent wages and affordable health care.
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