Tell Mayor Reed and the City Council - We Need Real Solutions, Not Lies about Pensions

Mayor Reed's pension ballot measure is unconstitutional, and will waste millions of San Jose taxpayer dollars. In order to get his pension measure on the ballot, he overstated retirement costs by over a quarter of a BILLION dollars—just so he could justify his political attack on the retirement security of the cities lowest paid workers.


City Council members have the power to take pension changes off of the ballot and will be voting on it MARCH 6th. Now is the time to take action.

Tell the City Council not to turn their backs on workers! Call them now and tell them to take this unconstitutional pension measure off the ballot.

Enter your cell phone number and zip code below. You will receive a call immediately and — after some brief talking points — then you will be prompted to choose your city council member. Tell them to vote to take pension changes off of the ballot, and call for an independent investigation into Mayor Reed’s quarter of a billion dollar lie.