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Stronger Together

We’ve shown that together, personal care workers can improve our jobs and the services we provide. By joining together in –

  • California, we’ve won health benefits, annual cost of living raises, worker’s compensation coverage and more paid hours for our consumers
  • Iowa, we’ve won our first pay raise in the history of the program and a new referral registry to connect providers and clients
  • Maryland, we won five pay raises in five years after 18 years without an increase
  • Across the US: In December 2011, AFSCME helped win federal overtime and minimum wage protections for all home care workers, which were denied to us for almost 75 years. Read more here.

Vermont Homecare United/AFSCME strives, in cooperation with consumers, to create a system that provides quality care, respect, and independence. It is part of national AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), with 1.6 million members. AFSCME is recognized as one of the most powerful and effective unions in the nation. Our members have worked with agencies and consumer groups to ensure home care systems are adequately funded by state legislatures in California, Iowa, Maryland, New York and elsewhere. AFSCME has successfully mobilized to defend increase home care funding, most recently by winning an increased federal match, called FMAP, from the federal government.